How to Get Started with Clicker Dog Training

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How to Get Started with Clicker Dog Training

Bericht van Danny op do 5 nov 2009 - 3:45

So you have looked into the possibility of starting clicker dog training. You have read up on all kinds of articles, information, the ins and outs of clicker dog training. Though you still seem confused or lost. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start with this whole clicking dog training stuff.

Well, we are here to help and teach you how to get started with clicker dog training today. That’s right we will be laying out all the information and even a simple guide on how to get started with clicker dog training.

The whole idea on clicker dog training is very simple and easy for any dog owner to learn and put to practice in no time at all. The only simple things you must have to really start clicker dog training is first a dog clicker, treats, and leash.

Once you get the clicker, the best way to start training your dog is to “charge the clicker”. The idea behind this, is to help communicate with your dog. So the best way to do this is to first have you and dog together and get some treats. This best works with small, and quickly eaten treats. You really want to communicate with your dog not having him go lay down and chomp on his treat for while. So the best way to charge your clicker is to have your clicker in one hand and your treat in the other. You call your dog by it’s name and get it’s attention and when you have it’s attention you click and give your dog a treat.

While this can be very simple for some, it could be very challenging for others. For example, some dogs will just go nuts over treats and especially if it’s a treat they love. Though once you get this clicker charged up to the point where you can click and the dogs reaction is looking for or wanting a treat. This is the point of when you know the clicker is ready.

The next simple step in getting started with clicker dog training is now that the clicker is working for you, what you will need to do next is different periods through out the day or a particular training session each day. You will go around and click for when your dog does something good or positive. You could start off with something as simple as laying down, you will click and give a treat. One important factor is that the biggest key is clicking when the good behavior is going on, and then reward afterwards. This type of training helps communicate to your dog that the click was for good behavior and he will receive a reward. We cannot stress enough how important the actual timing of the click is.

The last thing in clicker training is once you continue to repeat these good behaviors, you will find your dog doing them just to receive the reward which is a good thing. But, your work is not completed yet. This is the great opportunity to take your clicker dog training to the final step which is teaching them commands. So when you find your dog doing this type of behavior you should continue to click but slowly reduce the rewarding until they do it on your command. The command completely depends on you, but it can be verbal or a hand movement whatever you feel or want to train your dog to do. Repeat this process rewarding your dog only the times that he does the behavior on your command, and completely ignoring the behavior without your command. Now you can see how easy it is to get started with clicker dog training and how anyone can do this training with any dog.


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