Clicker Dog Training Basics

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Clicker Dog Training Basics

Bericht van Danny op do 5 nov 2009 - 3:43

While clicker training is making itís second round of success, making itís way through animals and dog training. The basics of clicker training has been around for over more than 35 years and so many people have seen the great way this clicker training works for their dogs.

Some of the clicker training basics are actually scientific proof that this kind of conditioning or click and rewarding a dog will train your dog to do good and proper behavior that youíre wanting your dog to do. This type of clicker training is not just some scam, new trend, or anything that someone is making up. Itís an actual scientific way to training just about any animal and especially helpful when training a dog.

The clicker training basics are that you will reward positive behavior and because of that your dog will then repeat this behavior. While you will ignore the negative behavior which will become eliminated because your dog is getting rewarded and positive feedback for doing the good or proper behavior.

This type of clicker training is perfect idea communicating clearly to dogs that good behavior and what he or she should be doing. This type of training is simply changing the dogs lifestyle and patterns in a positive way and redirecting behaviors.

Here is the clicker training basics. You will start off with your clicker in one hand, treats in other hand, and having your dog in front of you. To simply start the clicker training all you do is click and give the dog a small treat. Repeat for a few minutes, and than you test your dog to see if you and your dog are communicating. So you will click and see if he is already looking or ready to receive a treat. If so, then you have already started this basic of clicker training.

Next steps would be to continue clicking while your dog is doing things your wanting him to do, and proper behavior. And this will again communicate to your dog that heís doing what he should be doing. Again click and reward through this process as well.

The whole basic of clicker training is rewarding the good behavior and you will soon see that behavior quickly repeated. So many dog owners are wanting to get rid of all the bad habits or behaviors their dogs have. The best way for getting rid of those behaviors are by teaching and replacing those behaviors by the good ones and rewarding each time they do the good behaviors. This basic yet simple idea of clicker training does just that, replaces bad behavior with repeated good behavior and does it work.

While this is just some of the clicker training basics. We hope that you have a good understanding what clicker training is, how effective it can be in training any animal, but especially dogs, and how easy and simple it takes. Before you even know it, you will have your dog completely trained and doing tricks in no time.


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