10 Tips to Clicker Train Your Dog

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10 Tips to Clicker Train Your Dog

Bericht van Danny op do 5 nov 2009 - 3:42

Clicker Training has become very popular these days, and is such a great way to communicate and train your dog. You will be able to clicker train your dog as soon as you bring it home as a puppy. Here are 10 tips to clicker train your dog:

1.Click only during the good behavior, and no click after it is completed. Finding the right time and timing to click is essential. Do not worry if your dog will stop the behavior when he/she hears the click. The click should and will end the behavior, and then itís time to give the treat. Though the time of the treat is not as important as the clicker.

2.Itís best to only click once meaning in and out click. Also, itís suggested to not only push but to release the end with the spring which helps create a two-toned click.

3.When starting off with to click training your dog, itís best to have slow and several shorter sessions spread throughout the day will have better results.

4.Always click train your dog for the behavior your wanting. For example, times to click train your dog are behaviors like when going outside to potty, click when they are chewing on their toys instead of yelling and scolding the dog when it is chewing on household items. Cure jumping on visitors by clicking when your dogs on the ground instead of spanking the dog for jumping on visitors.

5. When click training your dog, itís a great idea not to force train your dog. Instead of fighting and pushing. Reward the dog by any movement that he does toward the behavior your wanting. This gives the dog the freedom to explore and figure out what is the proper behavior. Start off with baby steps with click and treat even for the small movement in the proper direction. Simple examples are youíre trying to click train your dog to sit. Remember any simple movement towards sitting you should click. Say you call for your dog, and any movement towards the proper behavior you should click. Itís important to never completely wait for the full behavior from the start you need to make it a slow process of clicks, though your dog will be trained and picking up good behavior in no time.

6.After a while of click training your dog, you will soon see your dogís doing the behavior on his own, and wanting a click and treat. This is the perfect timing for you to click train your dog with different cues such as commands or hand signals. The best way to start this is to only click when the behavior is completed on the command or hand signal, while completely ignoring the behavior when the command or hand signal was not given.

7.To properly click train your dog does not mean to just bark orders or commands for your dog. So donít be discouraged at first if your dog is not responding to your commands or hand signals. Though itís just another step that your dog needs to learn. Some ways to help your dog recognize the command is to work in fewer distractions, quieter rooms with all the surround noise going on. Itís also ideal to work with each pet completely separate if you have more than one dog. Always remember to command and click for all proper behavior.

8.Itís best not to confuse the dog with different styles of training. If you are going to continue to scold, spank, etc. Itís probably best to put the clicker down. This form of click training your dog should not be sending your dog mixed signals and this is also why itís a good way to start even when your dog comes home first with you.

9.Remember that click training your dog is first teaching the dog proper behavior and train them to do it perfect. After the proper behavior is learned by your dog you will then teach it to do the proper behavior with a command. Though we have found this click training your dog a great way to get a perfect and fast response from your dog doing the behavior you want by your command.

10. Last click training tip we can offer is if you are struggling with seeing results in good behavior than you are more than likely clicking to late. Itís ideal to click in the right moment of the proper behavior. Maybe it would be a good idea to bring someone else to watch and maybe even do a few clicks for you to get the proper timing for the clicking down.


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