10 Tips Your Dog Might Love Agility Training

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10 Tips Your Dog Might Love Agility Training

Bericht van Danny op do 5 nov 2009 - 3:20

Dog agility training is a fun way to exercise both you and your dog. Most dogs love dog agility training, but how can you tell if your dog loves dog agility training? Here are ten tips that your dog might love dog agility training.

1.Your dog perks up when he hears you talking about dog agility training with friends and family. He may even walk over to you expectantly and wait to see if you will take him out.

2.He gets excited when you purchase a new obstacle. He recognizes that he has gotten a new toy and is eager to get outside and try it.

3.When you put on your sneakers, your dog waits by the door. He knows you wear those shoes during agility training, and expects to go out. He sees your shoes as a sign that he will go out and train.

4.When you take your dog outside for a bathroom break, he heads over to the dog agility course. In fact, your dog may even temporarily forget the fact that he has to go to the bathroom. This shows that your dog is dedicated to his agility training.

5.Your dog stands by the door every day after you come home. He evens stands by the door after you have taken him outside to go to the bathroom. This is a sign that your dog is ready to go out and begin his daily training.

6.You dog’s tail is wagging throughout every agility training session. This is a sign that your dog is happy and enjoys what he is doing.

7.Your dog does not fuss when you put on the agility training leash. Very often, dogs will put up a fuss when their owners put on their leash. Dogs that love agility training are often happy to put on their leash because they know it will lead to training.

8.You dog whines when agility training is over. He may even be difficult to bring back in the house because he does not want to leave.

9.Your dog barks every time you pass the agility training course, even when it is on a trip to the veterinarian.

10. After a few days without agility training, your dog is lethargic or moody. It could be that the weather would not permit outdoor activity. Your dog is missing the activity and attention, and reacts poorly as a result.

Agility training is one of the best ways you can spend quality time with your dog.
This is the reason why the majority of dogs love agility training.
If your dog loves agility training, make sure that you take the time to provide dog agility training opportunities to your dog on a regular basis. This will ensure the happiness of your dog.


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